Update 01 september 2022

Update 01 september 2022

1st September 2022

An update has been rolled out for Readiant. We would like to take a moment to update you on the new features.


Added the ability to click on the text of the page to then start the audio directly from the selected sentence or word.

Example of highlighting on the page

It is also possible to set whether you want to see the highlighting only in the text, in the subtitles or with both. These settings can be saved on a per-user basis.

Example of audio settings

As before, the play button in the top right menu plays the page from the beginning.

Reading pause

Added the ability to pause reading the page automatically after a word, sentence or page. These settings can be changed per user.


Added the ability to translate text in the subtitle bar to a language of your choice (26 languages available). This feature is disabled by default and can be enabled with an embed code if desired.


Annotations now have their own icon in the Readiant menu bar. Here you can find all annotations created in the book.

In addition, annotations now work with the 2-page layout and other bugs in this area have also been fixed.


Added the ability to easily remove audio from a document.

Bug fixes

Several bug fixes have also been done for display on tablets, among other things.


The important zoom function is decoupled from the reading settings and now shares a menu with the 1 or 2 page layout setting.

Personal demonstration
Do you have content that you would like to share with your customers in an accessible way? We would be happy to show you how Readiant can be used for you.